This seismic pricing change has brought them directly into line with other supermarkets, making the competition for our lunches that much tastier. For only £12, you, and a very lucky dining companion can enjoy the ultimate posh nosh banquet at home! You get 2 x main meals for up to £3.50 each and 2 x sides for up to £3.50 each. Each bundle costs just £12.50 and can feed a child for up to a week. Morrisons has re-opened its pizza counters with a tasty £7 meal deal to help hungry Scots get their favourite food for a lot less dough. The Best Dine In deal includes a starter, main, 2 sides, dessert and either Prosecco, wine or chocolates, all for just £15. Morrisons has recently knocked 50p off the price of its meal deals, bringing them down to £3 for a main, drink and snack. Find more genuine deals & bargains recommended by real people at LatestDeals Amazing instore meal deal at Morrison's. The pizzas are made fresh in-store as part of the supermarket's Market Street section, where all fresh produce can be found. By itself, the sandwich would have cost £2.20, the Ribena £1.25 and the Hula Hoops £0.65. £12 the Best Meal Deal at Morrisons. Order by 14/06/2020, offer subject to availability. The selection from Morrisons Price - 7/10 The meal deal came to £3.50, which was reasonable value. Morrisons meal deal is currently joint-cheapest along with Asda, which also has a romantic meal for two for £15. The affordable £12.50 bundle can keep a child fed for an entire week Morrisons £15 Valentine’s Day Meal Deal for Two Morrisons is offering customers a range of premium dine in meals from 10 - 15 February. Customers can choose two main meals, two sides, a dessert and a bottle of wine, with a … Morrisons has extended its lunchtime meal deal making it the only £3 offer to include all sandwiches and snacks from across the world – no ifs, no buts. The supermarket will … Morrisons has extended its lunchtime meal deal making it the only £3 offer to include premium sandwiches and snacks from across the world. Morrisons’ The Best sandwich range, is … Mains Morrisons has launched the ultimate dine-in experience for just £12. The Best Meal Deal for £10 Buy 1 Main, 2 Sides and 1 Wine for £10. Get a Morrisons takeaway Indian meal deal for 2 people for £7 online and in store saving you up to £7 depending on your choices. Morrisons launches £12.50 meal packs that feed self-isolating kids for a week Morrisons has launched a food box initiative for kids who are self isolating. Great value meal deal at just £12 including a main, side, dessert & wine for just £12 - saving up to £8 depending on your choices. MORRISONS has launched a new deal where you can have a meal for two with wine for just £12 - saving you more than a tenner overall. MORRISONS has cut the price of its lunchtime meal deal by 50p to just £3 from today. MORRISONS has changed its £3 lunchtime meal deal to include its premium sandwich range, making it a better deal for shoppers. For those who love staying in, Morrisons has just started selling a two-course dinner meal deal of dreams. The supermarket has launched meal packs to help children who are self isolating. Maximum 10 promotional items per customer. The money saving offer includes a main, a drink and a snack, … Morrisons are currently offering customers the opportunity to take home two 10-inch pizzas, a 10-inch garlic bread and a large bottle of Coca-Cola for just £7. Morrisons is launching a weekend breakfast meal deal for two where you can get 15 items each for £12 Helen Knapman , Digital Deputy Consumer Editor 27 Sep 2019, 17:54 The deal, which … Available both online and in store at Morrisons.Thanks, emmabeckz. The dine-in deal includes two main meals, two … Morrisons has been praised for its new initiative.

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