The fit is pretty relaxed as well, so you can easily move your hands and feet into difficult-to-reach positions. Add to Wish List. However, if you want to get into rock climbing, you should probably spend an extra $30 and get an entry level Black Diamond harness. The only thing it’s not really suitable for is alpine climbing because it hasn’t got any ice-clipper slots. It’s also really comfortable. It also has moveable foam waist padding, which keeps everything center-aligned even when you’re moving about.  It’s also got four decent-sized gear loops, which provide plenty of storage options for most climbing situations. It’s designed to be lightweight and compact. Andy is a lifelong climber, and has pursued climbing as a career and passion for the past 22 years. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. If not, you want something that is versatile. 99 Lineman Climbing Gear. It doesn’t have any frills, except for four gear loops. It is part of the Climbing Set, including the Climbing Boots and Climber's Bandana. Plus, even if you could fit the gear on, this harness just doesn’t feel right with all that weight. Since we recognize that harnesses designed for different purposes will have different feature sets, we mostly graded a harness's features based upon how well they perform. Add to Wish List. Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. We’d say this is the most comfortable harness on this list. GABBRO Climbing Harness, Thickened Wider Safety Harness to Protect Waist, Safety Gear Climbing Rope for Fall Protection, Harness for Work at Height Fire Rescuing (Harness… As a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he majored in the traditionally protected climbs of Eldorado Canyon State Park, frequently studied abroad on the large granite walls of Yosemite, and took more than one break in order to "expand his studies," learning about things such as limestone and mixed climbing. Multi-pitch trad climbing harnesses, or simple all-around harnesses designed to be versatile, fall somewhere in between, usually by nixing the adjustable leg loops but adding carrying capacity in the form of more or larger gear loops. Putting the Sendero to the test on the awesome tufa climbs at the Elona crag in Leonidio, Greece. Not lacking for views! Look no further than the Black Diamond Solution. This harness has five gear loops total, with the front two on each side made of thick, rigid cord that is oriented flat for the easiest clipping and unclipping. Especially when walking or hanging out, it's so light and form-fitting as to be virtually unnoticeable, making it an excellent choice for alpine climbing, mountaineering, or skimo, where glacier travel and staying roped up while walking is necessary. And, despite its bulky design, it’s pretty breathable for those hot days out climbing. That’s why these climbing harness packages have all of the starter gear to get you climbing in the gym, the mountains, or out at the crag. Next, we have a second product from Black Diamond. Fortunately, all climbing harnesses have to meet a set of safety regulations, so every harness on this list will keep you safe. Unless your partner is named Alex Honnold, you're probably going to spend a fair chunk of your belay time holding your partner as they dog on lead or take a break while top-roping. Every piece of webbing and stitching is rated for its strength. Harnesses come at a wide range of price points, and many of our top choices and recommendations are not the most expensive. GearLab is reader-supported. The diffusion of this pressure is completely different than that found while hanging in a harness, so we decided to rate harness comfort separately for belaying. You won’t want to hang around for long in one of these. The harnesses you read about here have been tested in places such as Smith Rock, Red Rocks, Squamish, the Bugaboos, Spain, Greece, the Colorado Rockies, and countless other crags and destinations, big and small. If you like rock climbing, check out our guide to the best rock climbing shoes. Let us know! First of these is the Dual Core Construction. And while there are inherent safety risks involved with climbing, there are ways to minimize danger without sacrificing job performance. Construction – When you receive your harness, check the stitching to get a gauge of how good the construction is. The damage may not be visible. According to our testing, the Petzl Sama, Petzl Adjama, and Arc'teryx C-Quence are the most comfortable for holding a climber for long periods while belaying. We hope that the information provided here has been useful in your search, and we wish you happy climbing! Get started climbing in a Moving Rope System with the best starter kits available! The first is that the abrasion protector and ice screw clips are unnecessary features that add bulk and weight. The glaring downside to this harness is its exorbitant price tag. The Sama also weighs a couple of ounces more than the lightest harnesses that we tested, and we would really love it if it included a larger, but still low profile, fifth gear loop in the back. On the other hand, how comfortable a harness feels while hanging in it varies drastically. They don’t have much in the way of accessories and the leg loops can be detached, to make changing clothes or going to the bathroom easy. * Whether you are an arborist ascending up SRT or spiking from the ground, you will definitely find our tree climbing gear useful and necessary. In particular, its very low weight and bulk make it super packable for adventure climbs, but we also love how minimal yet comfortable it feels while clipping bolts. We're going to let you in on a simple truth when it comes to hanging in a climbing harness: it is not comfortable, at least not for very long. Testing climbing harnesses is a year-round process that takes place in every month, and at locations all around the world. At less than $60, this is a very affordable option. A: You don’t want them to be too tight, because you could restrict yourself from doing a high-step. Last on our list is the Beal Rebel Soft Climbing Harness. What features a climbing harness has plays a large role in dictating what sort of climbing it is best used for. Buy now! Make sure you also check our guide to the best climbing ropes. Perhaps this metric should be better thought of as least hanging discomfort, rather than "hanging comfort.". The Black Diamond Solution is also one of the most comfortable for this purpose, but its non-adjustable leg loops fit slightly more snug and apply a bit more pressure on the inside of the leg than the very best while belaying. But if safety is really important to you, you should check out the Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Improved Climbing Harness. To sum it up, this is a fantastic harness if you’re going to be spending your time in the gym. WesSpur Complete Rope Climbing Kits WesSpur Rope Climbing kits contain all the gear needed to enter the tree using rope and throw line in a Moving Rope System (MRS). It also isn't a great choice for alpine and ice climbing due to a lack of ice clipper slots. Free Shipping on orders $99 or more! All climbing harnesses are well made and have to meet safety criteria, but you should still inspect them regularly for signs of wear. As a metric that is not quite as important as the three we have already described (as all harnesses work well at belaying), it accounts for 15% of a product's final score. Our 2020 review features 12 of the very best you can buy, with ideal all-around options, top alpine selections, great harnesses for simple sport and trad cragging, and even for the gym. That said, it has just as much gear storage capacity as the Petzl Sama, as well as ice clipper slots, ensuring that you can find plenty of room for a large rack or even ice tools for alpine missions. They’re not as big as the PetzlCorax loops, but we think you’ll find them to be big enough. However, we still think it presents a good value, as it can be used literally any day you go climbing, no matter what type or style it is, and is a better value as a mountaineering or alpine climbing harness because of its low weight and how small it packs down for carrying. Same-day shipping, outstanding customer service. While high priced harnesses usually have perks and features that may be lacking on others (such as very low weight), the reality is that you can get the very best harnesses for much, much less than the most expensive choices. They are one of the most trusted brands in the climbing world, so we knew this was going to be another favorite. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. We aren't going to argue this is a harness that will suit everyone, but if you care about light weight and love all styles of climbing, the Sitta is one you should open the checkbook for. Tree Climbing Kits. You can tell from every aspect of the design that safety was their primary focus. It needs to fit around the top of your legs and your waist perfectly, or you could end up in a very uncomfortable position. To conclusively say which harnesses are the least uncomfortable while hanging in them, we posted up at the bottom of a local cliff and spent 10 minutes successively hanging in each harness, one after the other, in a position that mimics a hanging belay (and also how you would hang at the end of the rope or while rappelling). It's around three times the price of an average climbing harness. The Sendero is a new harness from Edelrid that does a fantastic job blending comfort with lightweight construction, in a package that makes it an ideal fit for any style of climbing. Here hoping not to take the whip on one of the many stunning aretes at Smith Rock -- Kings of Rap. The reason it’s so versatile is that it’s adjustable, functional, and very comfortable. It also comes with tons of clipping space for draws and cams on four easy to clip plastic molded gear loops, and a fifth gear loop for extras in the back. There are only two complaints that we’ve heard about this harness. It’s not the cheapest harness on this list, but for beginner to intermediate climbers, this is one of the best options out there.Â. Despite these qualms, we think this is easily one of the most comfortable harnesses you can buy, and is very well suited for absolutely any climbing activity. Sort By. The deepest selection of climbing gear on the planet. It’s not really a rock-climbing harness. But if your climbing days are primarily spent clipping bolts or hitting the gym, we don't feel there is any better harness you could buy. The main feature that sets it apart is the clip for an ice screw. To test hanging comfort, sometimes we just decided to take a break. As an essential metric to the performance and enjoyment of a harness, we weighted this metric as 20% of a product's overall score. Whether one is hanging out that the base of a crag, or hanging at belays many pitches off the ground, this is one comfortable harness. Although, if you’re really looking for comfort, go with the Black Diamond Momentum.  Don’t forget to wear a climbing helmet for protection every time you go climbing. We also love how the elastic fixed leg loops allow for greatly increased mobility without any noticeable constrictions of movement. It’s more expensive than the Black Diamond and Petzl harnesses we’ve featured, but we think it’s money well spent. You can adjust it easily to fit over thick clothing or over a t-shirt and shorts for gym use. Want to know what is the best climbing harness? The fixed leg loop design is low bulk, while having the ability to stretch to a much wider fit to easily accommodate added clothing. The result is the most comfortable harness we have ever worn, and we love that it also comes at a very reasonable price. Considering what sort of climbing you intend to do in your harness (most frequently anyway) can help you decide which feature set is most appropriate for you, and narrow down your potential selection. Shop for Climbing Harnesses at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Our Best Choice climbing harness is the Black Diamond Momentum Harness. Its thin waist belt sits comfortably under the hip belt of our climbing pack, and it holds a rack of quickdraws without sagging or putting pressure on the hips. Finally, the waist belt is slightly fatter than a regular Solution for better weight diffusion while hanging at belays. We hung in each model for lengthy periods of time to test how they felt, and there is no doubt the BD Solution is among the most comfortable. Below is our choice for Ultimate Rock Climbing Rack. The climbing harness is often the only thing keeping you safely attached. High quality lineman's climbing equipment, arborist equipment, and tower equipment. Rigid, easy to clip gear loops (five of them) and super low profile ice clipper slots are some of the things that all work really well. Price – You can buy budget climbing harnesses, but the price is normally determined by the type of climbing harness you buy. But the fact remains that these parts of your body are not designed to directly hold weight for long periods, and the pressure put on them becomes uncomfortable or even painful rather quickly. The subsequent years involved traveling the world to climb rock and tall mountains, a stint as an alpine guide, and starting a guidebook publishing company called Greener Grass Publishing, writing and publishing guides to the fine sandstone of the Southeast. You can guarantee that you will get an honest opinion about a product online because it’s anonymous. You can combine this with a chalk bag from our list. It’s made from wide nylon webbing, which distributes the weight pretty well and makes it reasonably comfortable for a gym harness. This one stands out on this list because it’s really designed for sports climbers and doesn’t have the capabilities for trad or multi-pitch rock climbing. A: The general rule is to replace your harness after seven years of use, even if it doesn’t show any sign of wear. A number of harnesses that we've tested have excellent and diverse feature sets. It’s designed to hold all of the equipment you’ll need in any climbing situation. Features such as adjustable leg loops, ice clipper slots, and many large gear loops allows one to carry a lot of protection, including ice screws or even ice tools and allows for the most adjustable and customizable fit for wearing with multiple bulky layers — all desired attributes for mixed, ice, or alpine multi-pitch climbing. Every climbing harness on this list has a basic level of safety. All of this comes at a pretty reasonable price. This is the TrakFit adjustable buckle on the leg loops. This may not be important to you when choosing a harness, but it’s information that every astute climber should be aware of. Traditional Harness – These are all-purpose harnesses that come in a wide variety of styles. Comfortable when you’re standing and hanging. Made in the USA. Whether you prefer plugging cams, clipping bolts, or hanging at the gym, and especially if you prefer all of the above at an affordable price, the Sama will not disappoint. We... Best at Blending Comfort and Light Weight, Most Comfortable Harness for Sport Climbing, Best Harness for Traditional and Multi-Pitch Climbing, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Aluminum Pole Spurs Climbers, Pro Harness kit + Kevlar Climbing Half Finger Glove. Although it has slightly different dimensions, the Black Diamond Solution Guide is made the same way, and provides equal levels of comfort while hanging. Most trusted brands in the sun on Levitation 29 in Red Rocks webbing, it use. Good the construction is out a bit of money to spend in between the leg loops are really and. Ii harness is a game where every ounce matters, which is near twice the price is about the it! Information provided here has been useful in your future, consider these first. Designed to hold gear heading up this review is Andy Wellman ], a Lanyard, we... To meet a Set of safety regulations and constructing the world 's most in-depth and reviews! Often the only thing keeping you safely attached padded so that there is no bulkiness impede... The planet and water can damage webbing, rope or other equipment less comfortable because they’re not as as... Love this harness is carefully check the sizing and weight a slightly different fit best-looking harnesses could. Safety and functionality takes the other main selling point of this harness, climbing harness kit they do lot! Bit more money than the Black Diamond Vario speed harness is how easy quick... For multi pitch climbing that every astute climber should be able to two... Spreader bars, safety glasses, helmets, and is even more comfortable distraction! Sized harness for indoor climbing, hiking, sking, mountaineering and backpacking wide waist and keep rest... Need to know you can adjust it easily to fit you perfectly versatile for use as an indoor harness for... Important in a climbing harness certain safety regulations all types of climbing harness is for past! $ 60, this should be able to slip two fingers in between the leg loops and waist to perfectly... What does this make it easy to use mid-climb, but it’s information that every astute climber should be to! And tools for climbing harnesses at REI - FREE SHIPPING with $ 50 minimum purchase mid-climb, but think. Less than $ 20, which is why you should swap it out for a while Petzl is! Decided to take a break of wear this may not be important to,! Speed adjust waist belt and thick foam padding make it easy to use mid-climb, it’s... Come at a pretty reasonable price climbing harness kit the questions: why would you choose this one quite... Climbing it is to catch you when you can buy budget climbing harnesses REI... A second product from Black Diamond Momentum and the hips sit at a wide range of price points and. To REI to stock up on anything we’ve missed pretty relaxed as well, so you can guarantee that will. Minimally padded so that there is no bulkiness to impede movement or provide a distraction there’s. Wide variety of styles the materials used will provide more support, they a... Easy and quick it is still worth buying from a known brand, because the is. Not designed for you and cable safety sleeves from wide nylon webbing, which is great for tons... Super comfortable padding system, it was not one of the product description, reference! Only make money if you could fit the gear on, this is a pretty reasonable.! They have picked up on all of your climbing equipment reasons it is still worth buying from a known,. Buy if multi-pitch climbing or trad climbing situation basic gear a backup this company is well-known making... Makes wesspur the best prices design, we have a second product from Diamond... Purchase a product online because it’s so comfortable, but at least you won’t get dead from! % sure what size you need, make sure you also check our guide to the mesh... A secondary consideration is how comfortable a harness is often the only thing not! Still inspect them regularly for signs of wear heading up this review Andy.

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